St. Paddy’s Day Adoption Event

with Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue

Today I had the fun opportunity to be the guest photographer at a St. Patrick’s Day Adoption Event sponsored by the Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue. The venue may have been small, a local PetValu Store, but the ambiance was as rowdy as any good St. Paddy’s Day party. The adoptable dogs came in all sizes, from pups to seniors, all hopeful that maybe today would be their lucky day.

My photography space consisted of a makeshift backdrop … a greyish soft sheet tossed over a 6 foot high pile of boxes at the end of one of the corner aisles. A soft fluffy blanket served as the floordrop. A rather haphazard setup for the most part, but it worked. One little pup who had just arrived into rescue that morning loved the cuddly floor blanket so much that he kept sneaking back for another snuggle and stretch out… so cute!

I quickly found that getting rambunctious pups to sit where you want them and how you wish them is sometimes almost impossible so many of the shots turned out to be of a more candid nature. And that was OK.

With many dogs in such a tiny space, chaos ruled at times but in the end at least 12 dogs had new photos to share… and new friends (both people and dog) had been made. Truth being said, the resulting photos were probably not my best, but many do make me smile. Sometimes perfection is simply not what it’s all about.

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2 thoughts on “St. Paddy’s Day Adoption Event

  1. Col: I thought you had disappeared from the face of the earth. You just seemed to drop off my radar screen like sadly other bloggers from the past have done. I happened to click a link from an old post comment and here you are. So glad to see you are still involved with dogs and doing such wonderful things.


    • Hi Jan, LOL… yes I am back. I took a long hiatus from the blogging world but have decided to come back… this time with more of a focus on my work with rescue dogs and my photography. So happy that we are in touch once more. :)


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