The Big Bang Puppies

Meet Amy, Bernadette, Raj and Sheldon… the Big Bang Puppies.  Cuteness abounds!

bigbangpups-3A week ago Thursday I was packing up my camera and getting ready to head out the front door of W.A.S. when I heard a voice say,  “I found four pups in a cardboard box outside.  Can I bring them in here?”

And that is how and when these four pups, cardboard box and all, found their way to the front desk of Winnipeg Animal Services… safe and found.

Seven days later, no owner having come forward, the pups were vet checked, declared healthy and adoptable. This time when we met, it was to have some quick photos taken.

The day that they became adoptable was also the day that they were taken under the wing of Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue. These rollie-pollies will be loved in foster homes while they wait to find their forever families. A very happy ending.

A very good day indeed for these sweet four.

Yet, I can not help but wonder and worry about the others, the ones that are abandoned and not found, the ones that will never know the kindness of strangers. Best to dwell on the good that has been done, I suppose.

Please, please… spay and neuter.

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