Scenes from the Dogpark

It has been months since Sadie, Coco, and I have visited Kilcona Dogpark, mostly due to the cold of winter but also related to my concerns about Sadie being up for it. Saturday was just too perfect a day not to give it a go. Finally some decent weather, not yet warm but certainly more spring like, so off we went. I am so happy that we did.
I have been coming to this park for over 10 years and each time I come I am filled with delight at the open space and the magnificent stretch of sky, each season painted with a different brush. The winter walks, with the frozen waterways making way for broad walking paths lined on either side by stately golden bulrushes and prairie grass, are favourite times.

Sadie, Coco and I … we LOVE this park, and that is why the latest news has us concerned. Apparently the City of Winnipeg is working on a new master plan for Kilcona with two of the three purposed options shrinking the size of the off-leash area by one-third to one-half its current size. It has been estimated that approximately 3000 people and their dogs visit this dog park every week. Needless to say… the city may have a fight on its hands.

Dog owners howl over proposed park changes | CTV Winnipeg News.

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