Bay Needs a Home


BAY is a sweet 6 month old Border Collie mix who really really needs a home. This young pup has been waiting at Winnipeg Animal Services for over 2 months (way too long for a young pup!) and is starting to have a hard time in the kennel environment.

He is a smart, active boy and he needs his own family … he loves attention and needs his own back yard to relax and play in. If you are looking for a sweetheart of a pup, ready to learn, and ready to love… please come down to 1057 Logan Ave. and meet Bay. Ask to take him out into one of the WAS outdoor enclosures for a visit. That would make him SO happy.

Post Note:
Thank you Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue for taking Bay under your wing. So happy that he will be able to relax in a foster home til he finds his forever family.

Hulls Haven Border Collie Rescue Website

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