Wonka – Before and After


Approx. Age: 7 years
Breed : Beagle mix

Wonka is a 7 year old beagle mix who was struck by a car in a remote Canadian community. With the help of a northern rescue organization, Wonka was transported to Winnipeg and accepted under the care of Earthdog Terrier Rescue of Manitoba. Once in Winnipeg it was determined that her pelvis was broken in 3 places and her hind leg was broken in 4 places. Wonka underwent surgery and was outfitted with an external fixation device to help keep her leg stationary while it healed. Her activity had to be very restricted long-term and it was not uncommon to see Wonda at rescue events enjoying the comfort of her “Wheels for Wonka” wagon.

Wonka wagon photo courtesy of Earthdog Terrier Rescue of Manitoba

Through all of this Wonka has been a happy, sweet girl. Her courageous gentle spirit has been an inspiration and although the outcome for her leg is still somewhat guarded, it is hoped that she will make a full recovery. Once Wonka has completely healed she will begin her search for the perfect forever family. She is deserving of nothing less.

Wonka’s Story Hits the NEWS!

Wonka’s Petfinder Profile

Earthdog Terrier Rescue of Manitoba

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