Max Needs a Home


Max is a 2 year old Retriever / Shepherd mix who somehow lost his way and ended up at Winnipeg Animal Services as an unclaimed stray. Like many of the dogs, no one came looking for this boy and after the mandatory waiting period he was placed in the adoption program.

The sad thing for Max is, he has not done well in the kennel environment. The noise and the commotion have him scared and he reacts in the only way he knows… by jumping, lunging, putting on a tough-boy show. We know it doesn’t bode well and we kind of get why no one then stops and asks further about him.

But we also know that this is SO NOT the real Max. As soon as Max is released into the outdoor enclosure, Max is a different dog… quiet, even gentle. A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of dog.

An adoptive home would absolutely be the best but a foster home til the right forever family comes along would be a close second. Max simply needs to get out of the kennel environment. He is truly such a sweetheart and we so desperately want him to get his chance.

If you think you may be able to help our boy Max, please come down to 1057 Logan Ave. Ask one of the staff to take Max outside for the visit. You will be super impressed with the real Max, we just know it.

Please Share. Help us help Max find his home.

Max’s Petfinder Profile

Post Update: Very happy to report that Max is in a Foster Home.

Post Post Update: Even happier to report that Max is ADOPTED! (by his foster family) :)

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