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This past Saturday had all the markings of a busy productive day. I had arranged a photo shoot with a local rescue for most of their adoptable dogs. The foster families had filled in times for the day and almost every time slot was filled. It was hoped that close to 18 dogs would have new photographs taken that afternoon.

But wouldn’t you know it… after a week of lovely fall sun, Mother Nature, who had the deciding vote, offered only wind and rain. The shoot had to be cancelled.

Since most of my photography is done outdoors using natural light the rain was simply something we could not work around.

Now the challenge would be how to reschedule everyone. People have busy lives and the likelihood of rescheduling all the dogs on the same day seemed far from likely.

Since the location for the shoot was to be my place and since I am fairly flexible in time scheduling I thought… why not have foster families come when mutually convenient and hopefully after some time we will get all the dogs done.

The biggest obstacle with this seemed to be in providing an easy, convenient way to make contact. That’s when the idea of a facebook page came to me. And I must say… so far the response has been favourable beyond my expectations.

The more I am adding to this page the more I am enjoying it. It will be a place of connection but also a place to share and highlight some of the many great dogs available for adoption within the Winnipeg area.

I am excited!

Simply Col Photography … find me on facebook

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