A Home for Ayla

Some dogs grab at your heart and just don’t let go. Ayla is one of those dogs.

Ayla-1I remember the first day that I met this pup. She was sitting in her kennel, her nose pushed against the front of her pen, looking up at me with anticipation, her little butt just a wiggling.

I swung open the kennel door, easily slipped the lead over her happy head and we left to visit the outdoor enclosure and to get some photos taken.

That was way back in July of 2012. Five days prior, Ayla, who we figured was about 6 to 8 months old, had been brought into Winnipeg Animal Services as a stray. With no identifying ID and with no one coming forward to claim her, this was vet check and photo day. As of that afternoon she would be available for adoption.

The first photo sessions are sometimes a challenge as everything is new and strange to these dogs but I must say Ayla was relaxed right from the get go. She was a happy, bouncy girl, glad to be outdoors and happy to have someone to play with. She made my job easy.



“It won’t be long before someone grabs this one up,” I remember thinking.

But sadly I was wrong.

I am never sure just why this happens but sometimes good dogs are simply overlooked and passed on by. I began to worry that sweet Ayla was going to be one of those dogs. Two months came and went and still, there she was every week, greeting me at the front of her kennel with that happy face and wiggling butt. “What are you still doing here?” was my question, week after week.

In August of that summer Animal Services was invited to an adoption event hosted by a local rescue. I wanted to go and I wanted to take Ayla. She needed the exposure and I knew a break from kennel life for her would be a good thing. So off we went.



She was a doll at the event … she traveled well in the car, walked well on the leash, sometimes just in front, often at my side, rarely pulling, always happy. She met and behaved well with both other dogs and with people. All quickly became her new best friends. She was near perfect and I was totally smitten.

The hardest part of that day was returning her to the shelter, closing the gate to her kennel and walking away. I knew she wouldn’t understand and I knew she was watching me go. I couldn’t look back… all I could do was hope that some potential new family had spotted her that day and would come to ask about her. “Please let it happen” was all I could think, my eyes filling and cast downward as I walked out the door.

But no one did. And time passed. Soon the stress of living in a kennel environment started to take its toll. Ayla was a young energetic dog. All her pent up energy was starting to effect her behavior. She needed out. But still no one came. I worried.

And then one day someone did come… a rescue, their main focus being terriers. Ayla was not in any way, shape or form a mix of any type of terrier but she was a dog in need. These good people recognized this need. That happy day, Ayla was deemed an honorary terrier, was “pulled” from the shelter and placed in a foster home. She was safe. Hope replaced stress as I watched her leave in their care. Thank you Earthdog Terrier Rescue.

Recently I was asked to take some new photos of Ayla. Yes, she is still in rescue, but she is doing great in her foster home. Sometimes, it seems these things just take a while.


When I found out I would get to meet “my” Ayla again I was so excited. And once more, getting good photos of this girl was a piece of cake, simply easy-peasy. It was wonderful to see her so happy and to meet her very awesome foster family.

She is such a great dog, I can’t help but feel baffled as to why this girl is still without a forever home. She is a happy, playful, energetic girl who would make a wonderful addition to any family. The only explanation I can come up with is that the right family and Ayla have not yet crossed paths… simply a matter of timing I guess. Hopefully soon. And just so you know, she still greets with a wiggle butt.


Looking for a great dog? Ayla is available for adoption through Earthdog Terrier Rescue of Manitoba.

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