Nacho, Nacho Man

NachoThis is Nacho.

Look at this face.

How could you not fall in love!

Every Thursday at Animal Services, before photographing the “dogs of that day”, I do a walk through of the kennels, just to get a quick feel for the new pups and to say hello to the dogs that I have photographed in weeks gone by. This is actually a time when I am happy if the puppy face I am expecting is not the one that greets me. Different dog usually equates adoption for the one that I knew and that is a good thing, a very good thing.

What isn’t so good is when the same sweet face is at the front of the pen, week after week. Sadly this happens way too often and recently one of those repeat mugs belongs to our sweet Macho Nacho Man.

How would I describe this boy?… medium size, Lab / Rotti mix, about one year. Yeah, I get it… not that different from the next four or five dogs in the following three to four rows.

Not too surprising also is that so many of these pups get passed on by. Especially when most are barking and many are jumping.

It is hard to find “that perfect dog” if one is simply doing a quick walk through.

If I could ask one thing of potential adopters it would be to please S-l-o-w D-o-w-n your walk through. Take your time. Really look at the dogs. Be aware of those subtle connections, that sideways tilt to the head, that longing look that besieges “please take me OUT!”. Then grab one of the kennel attendants or volunteers and ask to visit the dog outside of their pen. Better yet, ask to use the outdoor enclosure.

That’s where I was this week with my bud, Nacho. And we had a blast!!! Nothing like fresh snow to make for a really really fun time.

And that is where and when you too will fall in love.

And maybe just one more tidbit… you know that perfect dog that everyone is looking for? You will undoubtedly find him right next to that perfect person.

OK, maybe not. But really… what is available is a pretty good likeness.

There’s an old dog training quote that states “you get the dog you deserve”. I believe this to be true. All that is required is a loving, patient heart and the ability to see past the nervous, noisy kenneled dog to that wiggling butt of potential.

Available for adoption through Winnipeg Animal Services
Nacho’s Petfinder Profile

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