Happy Holidays Asher!

AsherSo Happy for Asher! I just found out that he is “adoption pending”.

Asher grabbed hold of my heart on the first day we met. That was way back in October when he first found himself alone at W.A.S. (Winnipeg Animal Services). Such a smart boy and with the most amazingly beautiful eyes, I thought for sure he would be adopted within the week.

But sadly that did not happen. And Asher became one of the dogs that waits.

Months passed, as it sometimes does, and still no one came for Asher. But he was very much loved by the volunteers and staff at the shelter. Such a quiet, well mannered boy, rarely barking in his kennel, more often simply sitting back on his bed, watching quietly as people came and went.

Asher - Christmas

Last month myself and two other volunteer photographers decided to do a Christmas photo shoot with some of our WAS dogs. Asher was one of them… and he was a STAR. If ever there was a Canadian Super Model Dog competition, Asher would take the title hands down. He was a natural, working it like he had done this all before. We had a blast with all the dogs, but Asher stood out.

christmas_asher-3And again we all pondered… “Why are you still here?”.

But I guess sometimes the waiting is all about finding the perfect match and now it seems that may have happened for our Asher.

Good luck buddy… you are so deserving of a good home and a happy holiday.

We wish you all the best!

Love you…

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