One Pup and Three Ladies

It has been bitterly cold this week, even by Winnipeg standards. Tuesday morning was more of the same… deep blue skies, an abundance of sunshine with air that is so prickly frigid, the molecules nip at your cheeks as you walked through it… -37C with the windchill. Extra mitts and dry socks were stuffed deep into my camera bag next to the lens and speedlite. I grabbed some treats, my squeak ball, camera bag and headed out. Today was W.A.S. day.

Four dogs needed photos done, one male pup and three female shepherd mixes… all very pretty girls.

The first was Ollie, a sweet Rotti mix, thought to be about 5 – 6 months old, but very small for his age. And skinny.. his little tummy caved in, ribs sticking out. This poor baby is very badly malnourished, his growth stunted and his legs bowed because of it.


A little bit shy, a little bit unsure, he soon opened up to quiet words, a warm touch and tasty treats. Ollie will be available for adoption but he will need an owner who understands his special needs, especially those involving his nutrition. A kind touch and good food is what this sweet baby needs. Thank goodness he was found and brought in to Animal Services where he is now safe, warm and cared for. Still, one can not help but wonder on his story.

Ollie’s photos done, it was now time to meet the girls… and what pretty ladies they are.

Meet Shayla


Meet Tessie


Meet Carlie


All of these lovely dogs are available for adoption with Winnipeg Animal Services.

So many great dogs simply needing good homes.

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