Adoption Day with Diesel

This past Sunday myself, fellow Animal Services volunteers, Heather and Ryan, and one of our favourite canine buds, Diesel, attended our first spring adoption event… and we had a blast. The event was held at our local Pet Valu on Rivergrove. The occasion was to promote their Paws for Prevention Event, the focus being the purposed mobile spay and neuter clinic.

Animal Services does not get the chance to attend many adoption events so we were very aware that this day would be an important stepping stone to future invites. Our canine W.A.S. ambassador, Diesel, had been under the care of Animal Services since December so was very deserving of a day out of the kennel environment… but with his history being mostly unknown it was hard to know for sure how he would react in this new situation.

Well… we needn’t have worried… Diesel was a star. Diesel is a young Rotti / Shepherd mix with a biggish squarish head and deep brown eyes that will melt your heart. He loved being out and about and he loved all the attention.


At one point, much to our surprise and pleasure, we, the W.A.S. volunteers, found ourselves alone at our table, while Diesel strolled around the store with the Pet Valu staff, meeting new customers and even spending some time behind the till. What a hoot! Diesel loved every moment of it. And we were so proud!


The day was a huge success, the icing on the cake being the decision by Heather and Ryan to take Diesel home as a foster rather than returning him to the shelter. Bless their kind hearts.

Ryan, Diesel and Heather ... ending the day with a massage chair.
Ryan, Diesel and Heather … ending the day with a massage chair.

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