Hi, Loki Here!

Loki… and I am so happy to meet you. Please, lift the latch, open this pen, let me out and we can PLAY!

I know I seem hyper in my kennel and I have heard them say I don’t give a good first impression (not exactly sure what that is, but it seems to be something I should work on). I just get SO excited! I want to GO OUTSIDE !!!

I remember very little of my early puppy days.. except that I somehow got lost from my family. I remember not being worried at first, there was so much to smell, and see, and it felt so good to run… I run very fast, did I tell you that!

Loki at 4 monthsBut then it got dark and my tummy started rumbling. I looked up and couldn’t see my people… anywhere. I looked and looked and sniffed and sniffed. It was cold and I suddenly felt alone and frightened.

Lucky for me a people-person, someone I had never met before, spotted me, came up, bent down and said, “Hi, little guy”. I was so happy, I jumped right up into his arms. He picked me up and turned to his friend and said, “I guess we are going to Animal Services”. Was that the name of my family… I sure hoped so. I snuggled my nose into his neck and gave him a little lick… “thank-you”.

Well it turned out that Animal Services wasn’t my family but they said I could wait there until my people came looking. At least I was safe and they did have lots of food and even some Kongs, my favourite toy!

That all happened months and months ago. I still wait but my family hasn’t come … and I miss them still.
* sigh *

At lease I am safe here and it’s really not so bad. I love the kind people who take care of me. The only think is, I am really, really bored with having to stay in my kennel… I want to RUN !!

The other day, a volunteer had me out in the enclosure and we made up a new game where she throws the ball, I catch it, bring it back, run through her legs, come around to face her and drop the ball. She loved it and I loved seeing her laugh. Luckily, she was a quick study and I was able to train her to play this game over and over. She was so excited and we had a blast. She kept calling me a “super sports star”. Not sure what she meant… but it did feel right.

This morning two visitors came in and walked by my pen. I immediately jumped up and barked, “Hay, look at me, I’m over here!! Lets go play”, but they just stepped back and walked on by.

“He’s been here since he was 4 months… a pup growing up in a kennel”, I heard them say. They shook their heads and walked away.

“WAIT,” I barked. “Come Back!,” I howled. They didn’t stop… but maybe the next one will. I sure hope so.

If that next one happens to be you, don’t worry, I will make sure you know its me… I will be the one in pen #16, jumping up and barking, “I’m here, over here… please ask to take me out!!”.

And if you are really good (and hopefully smart enough), maybe I will even teach you my new fancy-dancy trick.


Post Note:
Loki is an 8 month old Shepherd / Rotti mix who is available for adoption through Winnipeg Animal Services. He is a fun, energetic smart boy and will make someone a great companion and really would make for an awesome sports dog. Come down to 1057 Logan Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba to meet this boy and be sure to ask the kennel attendants to take him outside to play in the enclosure. Email W.A.S. at winnipegpoundpuppies@gmail.com if you would like more info. View his petfinder profile at www.petfinder.com/petdetail/28373443/

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