Learning to Be Still

I am very excited, and a little nervous. I am taking part in the most intriguing photography art course… something very new and very different from what I am used to.

The course is offered by Kim Klassen and is entitled Be Still-52. This one year course revolves around photography but more importantly centers on the universal quest of mindfulness and personal peace. The weekly theme will focus on the beauty that is found in and around all of us. The photographic challenge will be to present it through stillness.

pause and breathe

As the years have passed, I have come to appreciate the need for mindfulness and often yearn to learn more on the art of being still. To now have the chance to practice this, with camera in hand, just feels so right.

Truth be told, it is only week two and I am already feeling challenged. My thought was to transition my old ways with that of the new. Thus Sadie’s paws (a small play on words) interlaced with a more universal truth, “pause and breathe”.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Be Still

  1. Colleen….this is lovely….and the pic of the paw…the best thing you have ever done!…I am not kidding you. 52 weeks of stillness and capturing peace….


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