Meet Remi

Big, Black and Beautiful…

remi-1 I first met Remi way back in early May. He had arrived at Animal Services as an unclaimed stray and on that particular day he was to have his picture taken. Remi was about to enter into the Winnipeg Animal Services adoption program.

Some dogs make it easy to get good photos… and Remi was one of them. Happy to sit for a cookie and loving a game of fetch, our photo session was quick and productive. A couple of points and clicks and we were done.

“This boy will find a home fast,” was my thought.

The summer days are full and their passing sometimes seems to be at a furious pace. Now summer is at its close and I am left wondering … how can that be.

Sadly, a very similar thought is with Remi… “how can it be that you are still here … still waiting?”

Thinking that perhaps there were issues I hadn’t tuned into, I asked the kennel attendants on their thoughts in regards to Remi’s now long-term status.

“We just don’t know”, was their response… “He is a good boy, doesn’t put up much of a fuss in his kennel. And yet… he wasn’t had one person inquire”.

Oh my gosh, I thought to myself… even I have been guilty of this. With his all black coat and his no fuss personality… he is just not a stand-out-in-a-crowd kind of guy. Instead of stopping, potential adopters are passing him right by, most likely to check out that cute red pup one kennel over, or the bouncy one on the end that is making all the raucous.


So… it seems that our Remi is one of those dogs that is big, black and sadly… not getting adopted. Perhaps a a victim of the much acclaimed Black Dog Syndrome

Remi-2Time for that to change!

Determined to change Remi’s status, we once more headed out to the outdoor enclosure, camera in hand… a few new photos and a new “Adopt Me” spotlight starting to take hold.

It is time for Remi to find his new home.

And in an effort to be totally up-front, we have to acknowledge that, even though Remi has come along way in the manners department, he is still very much a work in progress. Because of his size and his energy, he would probably do best in a home with kids over 10 years of age and with an owner who has had some previous dog experience so that they have the knowledge and ability to help Remi reach his full potential. We want this to be a win/win situation for everyone.

Remi loves to play and he loves people. The fact that he also loves his cookies makes him highly trainable. We see only good things in his future… if only someone would step up and give this boy a chance.

So… if you are looking for a tad goofy, always fun kinda guy … come down to Winnipeg Animal Services and say hello to Remi… you will be so glad you did. Just let them know that you wish to meet the big, beautiful black boy… they’ll know who you mean.

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