To Save A Pup…

8 pups

It’s January in Winnipeg. The night was cold and it was dark. A full moon slowly drifted in the northeastern sky casting an unexpected beauty to the winterscape. Grateful that the distance had been short, I turned my car into the strip mall. The parking lot was empty, the buildings hidden in deep shadows. A small grouping of cars, parked side by side, sat in silence as they faced the front entrance of Plessis Veterinary Hospital. A welcoming light flooded through the front office windows illuminating the walkway in front of the vehicles.

As I swung open and entered the front door, I got my first glimpse of the cuteness inside. Two soon-to-be foster families stood cradling their new “little ones”. Around the corner and through the exam room door, a huddle of pups waited in a large wire crate on the floor. Long past his regular office hours, the veterinarian carefully examined and weighed each individual ball of fur.


Cathie, the director of Spirit of Hope Rescue, assisted when needed and then passed the pups through to the next room where bowls of near liquid mush lined the counter top. Two volunteers guided the hungry babies with their feedings. The pups appetites were voracious and they quickly and messily waded their way through their meal.. managing to get more than a bit onto their noses and toes.


This litter of pups… 8 in total… approximately 5 weeks of age, had just arrived in Winnipeg by plane from Red Sucker Lake and were now under the care of Spirit of Hope Rescue. Thanks to Cathie and her caring volunteers, all had now been vet checked, had full bellies and would be spending the night safe and warm with new foster families. These people truly represent what dog rescue is all about and, for me, prove that there is indeed much good in this world. I feel very privileged to have been able to partake in all of this in even a small way.



For the sake of all homeless dogs… please spay and neuter. And if you are thinking of adding a new pup to your family… please adopt. The need is great.

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