Sophie | Winnipeg Pet Photographer

The sun shared a new warmth and with the slight breeze coming from the south, spring was finally making her promise known. Our location was Kildonan Park and it was indeed the perfect day for a photo session with the lovely Miss Sophie.


Sophie is a sweetheart of a gal… a beagle approximately 5 years old. The first chapter of her life is a bit unclear but it is thought that sadly she may have had to have many puppies. Her life took a much happier turn when Darren and Debbie found her and embraced her as family. She now enjoys a loved, carefree life with a “mom” and “dad” that adore her.

Sophie the BeagleSophie and family

Sophie the Beagle







Such a glorious day for a walk, a talk and a leisurely stroll. Thank you Debbie and Darren and of course… Miss Sophie.



4 thoughts on “Sophie | Winnipeg Pet Photographer

    1. Colleen is the most amazing pet photographer I have encountered. She made Sophie relax, she made us relax and she took remarkably skilled shots in the park that day. Thank you Colleen for making our experience a wonderful one. Miss Sophie looks most beautiful. Love, her mommy


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