Pet Photography Session – Rain and Tasha

Meet Tasha and Rain … two senior gals who still enjoy a stroll and a good time. A walk along the gorgeous banks of our Winnipeg Red River remains one of their favourite pastimes. On this day I had the pleasure of walking the trails with the two of them and their mom. The day was cloudy, the wind coolish, but that did little to dispel the beauty of the river bank… the new green of spring showing every where.

Tasha and Rain

Beautiful Rain ( short for Rainbow ) has the most lovely soft eyes…


Tasha, the older of the two at fourteen, is a sweetheart. Her breed is questionable but her nature is that of a gentle soul. Her life has been marked with long standing health issues but nothing that her knowledgeable and competent mom can’t handle… they take it all in stride.


These three have been together a long time. They share a connection … the bond of family.

Tasha and Rain

Nothing smells better than spring…


Rain is a happy girl, still bouncy at twelve. She very much fancies her treats which at times resulted in a mid-chew pose.



Tasha and Rain

Thank you Tara for the opportunity to meet these two lovelies. I wish you all a great summer with many more walks down the river paths.


Post Update – June 15th:
Thinking of Tasha… R.I.P. sweet girl…
It is with a heavy heart that I share that Tasha has made the journey to Rainbow Bridge. As we walked and talked on that coolish spring day, it was a pleasure getting to know Tara, Tasha and Rain… the love they shared was most evident. I am so grateful that I was able to capture moments and memories of the three of them together. My heart breaks for Tara and for Rain. I know that Tasha will live forever in their hearts. Rest in peace sweet girl.

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