Pet Photography Session – Belle, Petrie, Jazz and Indie

What a lovely blended family of senior gals… some canine, some feline… all adorable.

The first two lovelies are Indie and Jazz… both are 12 year old Husky cross and thought to be siblings. These two lucky girls were rescued by their dad from a local humane society when they were only pups.

Indie and Jazz

Jazz and Indie


Jazz came across as the more inquisitive and the more vocal of the two. She just wasn’t sure of that big black eye that I kept popping up close and personal in her face.


Indie quickly learned how to work the camera… plus she thought the treats were yummy.


The feline members of the family are two calico’s… Belle and Petrie, both 12. These two girls may have similar markings… but their personalities are totally unique unto themselves.

Belle seems the more independent of the two. She enjoyed heading off on her own, patrolling her yard, doing her own thing.



Petrie, with her darling smooshed face, appeared the more social of the two, often intermingling with her canine sisters.


Just look at that face!!


Thank you Maureen and Steve for inviting me into your home and allowing me the pleasure of meeting and photographing your most awesome tetrad of lovelies.

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