Pet Photography Session – Tanner and Booda

Meet Tanner and Booda, two lovely doggies that I finally got to meet. It felt at first that Mother Nature was scheming against us. The first session, scheduled for mid April, had to be cancelled related to one of the worst wind storms in Winnipeg’s history. The following sessions had to be juggled and rearranged because of rain, unusually cold temps and, believe it or not, a snow storm in early May.

Finally the perfect day arrived and maybe that is what it was all about in the first place. The sun was warm, the new green on the grass and trees provided the perfect backdrop for two awesome dogs.

Tanner, at 11 years, is a most dapper senior Yellow Lab. His joints are starting to give him some issues but that does not stop him from having a good time. He loves a game of fetch and this guy can toss a ball back at ya like no one I have ever seen. One can not spend time with Tanner without smiling.


Miss Booda is the younger of the two… this beautiful gal is a 6 year old English Bull Terrier.


She really knows how to work it for the camera.


Booda also loves, loves, loves her Jolly-Pet-Tug-N-Toss.



Mr. Tanner is no slouch when it comes to the big blue ball, himself… but he took a particular liking to my pink squeaky toy, his young spirit shining through with every goofy antic as he either fetched or tossed his new favourite toy.

After waiting for more than a month, the perfect day did arrive… and Tanner and Booda deserved nothing less. Thanks Juanita for allowing me the pleasure of meeting and photographing your most awesome dogs.

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