Today We Said Good-Bye

This morning we awoke to grey skies and the rumblings of thunder. Rain occasionally hit against the windows.. but it was a soft, gently type of rain… befitting of the day, I suppose.

Rain or no rain… Sadie and I went for one last walk in our field. She hasn’t been able to be out there much the past month or so… her pain is such that long walks haven’t been feasible.

But this morning we headed out through the back gate… just her and I. The rain softly falling.

As soon as we entered the field I slipped off her lead. Today she would decide which way to go… and I would follow. We slowly walked along the fence line, Sadie’s nose to the ground enjoying her time and all the fresh smells that a light rain brings.

We had not gone too far when Sadie simply stopped and looked about. She looked up at me with her sad brown eyes and I could sense her fatigue.

“It’s OK girl” I said, “We can go back.”

But before we did I knelt down beside her and held her lovely big old face as close to mine as possible, touching noses… and then a kiss. My eyes were level with hers and I looked into them as deeply as I could… searching for her spirit… wanting her to know, somehow to sense, that no matter what… we would always be together.

“I love your Sadie… I love you so much. Please come back and walk beside me. I will be waiting for you.”

I gathered her into my arms for one big hug and then I rose, we turned and started our slow walk back to the gate. The rain had stopped and for just a short moment the sun shone through, transforming the field into a green glistening meadow. Sadie and I walked side by side back to the yard… one last time.

Love you Sadie Girl… forever and always.










Sadie-bioreserve-oct2 - Copy

“We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle; easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we would still live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan.”
~ Irving Townsend

18 thoughts on “Today We Said Good-Bye

    • Thank you Sharon. Sadie was such a great dog. I miss her so much … my comfort comes in knowing she now runs without pain. Sadie loved to run…


  1. Tears fall as I read such a beautifully written story. Tears for you, tears for Sadie and tears for those I have lost. You never forget the last walk, the last hug, the last ride in the car. They all run healthy and free across the bridge waiting to be united with us again. Until such a time we treasure the moments, the pictures, the love we shared, with our best friends.


    • The last photo was taken only a little over a year ago. Hard to believe. It is one of my favourites, as well.
      I so wanted to give her one more summer to enjoy her yard. I am grateful that we were able to do that.


  2. Beautiful tribute to your beautiful girl. She will be in your heart always but she will also silently by your side too.


    • Thank you Shauna. Yes she will live in my heart forever. I want to believe she will be by my side as well. I wait to feel that soft brush on my leg.


    • Yes, hard to believe that it was nine years ago… I still remember her first day with us like it was yesterday. So many wonderful memories of one great dog… Thank you AC


  3. I have followed the story of the love between you and Sadie for years. How lucky you are to have shared her life, and how lucky she was to have someone who appreciated her so! Big hugs to all in your family…


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