Pet Photography Session – Dachshunds – Penny, Reid and Oscar

“The dachshund is a perfectly engineered dog. It is precisely long enough for a single standard stroke of the back, but you aren’t paying for any superfluous leg.” ~ Mary Doria Russell, Dreamers of the Day

I was so happy and excited. Not only was I once more visiting with Oscar, but I was also photographing and spending time with his dachshund siblings, Penny and Reid. What a happy, lively crew.

It quickly became apparent that smiles simply rule when being followed about by three lively doxies. :)

Penny is very much the lady and social butterfly of the pack.






Reid is a bit more cautious than his flamboyant sister, but quickly warms up and was soon following at my heels, his little ‘airplane ears’ ready for take-off. Just the sweetest boy!




Reid and Penny

And then there is Oscar. What a little star he is. Would you believe this senior is seventeen years old!


Oscar holds a special place in heart for many reasons… one of them being that he was my very first model as a professional photographer. Here are more photos of Oscar from our first session:



Thank you, Barb, for allowing me the pleasure of photographing and simply enjoying these three charmers.

“Nothing will turn a man’s home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a dachshund.”
― Queen Victoria

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