Pet Photography Session – Bucky – More Than Just a Handsome Face

Julie, Bucky and I first met on Bucky’s first “Gotcha Day” anniversary. Julie and Bucky came strolling into Animal Services with boxes of pizza in hand… their way of saying thank you to the staff and volunteers at Winnipeg Animal Services for bringing the two of them together. Yes, this beautiful doggie had been a shelter/rescue dog. Julie found him, loved him and is now his forever “mom”. Such a happy-tale!

Julie, who is a very accomplished local artist and the proprietor and owner of Julie Lamoureux – Fine Art, is happy to speak of her and Bucky’s story and how this handsome lively Bichon changed her life. It was this sweet face that inspired her first pet portrait which lead to the new direction for much of her paintings… Pet Portraits By Julie Lamoureux. Her work is exceptional!

I was thrilled to be able to photograph Bucky. Who wouldn’t be… just look at that face.



Adding Bucky to her life opened up numerous new other interests as well… many of them canine related. Not many would consider that a Bichon would excel at agility but let me tell you… they have not met Bucky. This little dude loves the sport and is eager to show his jumping skills. The most obvious thing and perhaps the most important trait that makes this little man a star is his total focus on Julie. Together they are a team.

Bucky - Agility

Bucky and Julie

Bucky - Agility

Bucky and Julie

“Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly” ~ author unknown




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