Learning Light

Being a natural light photographer is not an easy thing come January… the days are cold, the daylight limited.

This year I have decided to take the leap and explore “indoor lighting”. The learning curve is steep and a little intimidating but the thrill of learning a new form of photographic expression is so exciting.

I have sold a couch, rearranged some furnishings and made myself a small but suitable studio area in the downstairs family room.


Fortunately I have two very cute models who are more than willing to work for treats.

Lacie and Coco

My setup is simple. The equipment currently includes, one large reflector, two speedlites and two shoot through umbrellas.

Any and all constructive criticism and advise is very welcome.


“You know you’re a photographer when your favorite room in the house is the one with the most light and the least furniture.”

3 thoughts on “Learning Light

  1. Looks good to me. I have no clue about lighting. Did Lace come after Sadie’s departure (which I think I remember reading about — if not, please forgive me)?


    • Hi A/C.. it is sooo good to hear from you. :) Lacie became a member of our pack about a month before Sadie passed. Lacie wasn’t really planned but she is wonderful! For the month that these two shared, Lacie gave Sadie a little extra bounce to her step.


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