Happy Gotcha Day Lacie

Lacie - first day home
Lacie – first day home
One year ago today I brought home this beautiful, timid little girl. Like most happenings in my life it was a spontaneous move, intermingled with a web of questioning thoughts… my heart smiling, my head a little unsure.

The first time I saw Lacie she was curled up at the back of her kennel at Winnipeg Animal Services. It was the day that she was to enter into the adoption program and the day she would be getting her adoption photos taken.

This was nothing new for me. I had been taking the adoption photos of the the W.A.S. dogs for going on 5 years. But it was new for Lacie and she was hesitant and shy… that is til I brought out the pink squeaker ball. One toss of that ball and the timid little girl from inside the shelter disappeared and I was able to meet the real Lacie, the girl who loved to play and loved to run.

Three days later, on July 3 2015, Lacie came home.

One of my initial concerns about bringing a new dog into the home was in regards to my Sadie Girl. She was old, and she was not having an easy time of it. I was worried that a new dog would add stress to her days and I so did not want to do that. But I needn’t have worried. Sadie loved Lacie and, to this day, I am so very sure that Lacie added a bit of joy to Sadie’s last summer.


Unbeknownst to us, when Lacie first came to the shelter, her coat had been previously clipped very short. Initially it was difficult to assign her a breed so she was tagged as a Spaniel mix. To my eyes, with her wispy black tipped ears and lean stance, she somewhat resembled a scaled-down Saluki. After a bit, and much to my surprise, I started to notice that her coat was changing and growing. Now there were soft wavy curls to her chest. Where initially there had been a thin skimpy tail there was now a lovely feathered plume. No longer did she look like a Saluki… but not really a Spaniel either. Today I am kind of leaning towards the thought that she may be part Border Collie, with a little bit of Retriever thrown in… not that it really matters. She is perfect… no matter what the breed. Just curious, that’s all.


Lacie had come into Animal Services as an unclaimed stray, no tags, no tattoo, not spayed. None-the-less, after first bringing her home, I would find myself looking at her and wondering, “Where did you come from Lacie… is someone looking for you?” She was such a good girl and settled in so easily I just could not believe that someone, somewhere was not desperately searching for her. So, to ease my conscience , I searched the lost dog ads online and on Kijiji. I found nothing. Feeling a little better about it all.. it soon became apparent that yes, it was in fact ok that this great little dog was with me… Lacie had come home.


This year has brought much to both Lacie and I. We have attended obedience classes and are now enjoying agility. It turns out that Lacie is quite the athlete, fast and focused. Me… not so much… but I give it my best shot and try to keep up. We are having fun! We are a team.


Happy Gotcha Day, Lacie. Love you!

“Some things just fill your heart without trying.”

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