Scenes From a Dog Walk

Autumn has arrived. There is a new coolness to our morning walks, the landscape now tinted with yellow and orange.

This time of year we share the field with many geese.

Can I mom?

Go for it!

After Lacie’s walk it is Coco’s turn… more a study in meditation than anything else. My sweet old man turned 15 this past January. He is deaf and his vision is poor… but his enjoyment is 100%.

“Some of our greatest treasures we place in museums. Others we take for walks.”

3 thoughts on “Scenes From a Dog Walk

  1. I liked the photos of your dogs. Coco is fifteen: Dexter is now 12. He is not as agile as he once was. It seems very flat.Do the geese fly further south?


  2. Hi Wmmbb… so wonderful to hear from you. Yes it is very flat here… we are in the prairies for sure! The geese are all gathering to head south. They will almost all be gone for warmer times come November. Hope you are well.


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