Project 52 Week 5 – Lacie in Red

The Project 52 theme for this week is “Red”.

When I think red, I think… Intense… Bold… Defiant. It is the colour of extremes with its various shades representing everything from passionate love to anger and danger.

Me being me, there’s not much in the way of red in my closet, mostly greens, blues, earth colours. But when I do wear red, I feel empowered.

Lacie doesn’t own much in the way of red either, except for, perhaps, her very own coat which is a lovely variant of red. I guess she can’t get more red than that!

In our search for props for this theme we did come across this lovely red scarf in our pile of doggy stuff.

So, now we proudly present…

Lacie in Red

With all this talk of red I started to wonder, “Can Lacie see red?” A little bit of research determined that dogs do indeed see colours, but many fewer than we humans. For dogs the spectrum of colour consists of basically yellows, blues and grays. It seems that they see the colors green, yellow and orange as yellowish, and violet and blue as blue.

So… apparently no red for Lacie, at least not in the way that I see it. Through a dog’s eyes, red appears as a very dark brownish gray or even a black.

I had heard that dogs were near colour blind so to find out just what colours they do see is interesting stuff.

More Interesting Red Trivia (from the human perspective)

  • – Red is the international colour for stop.
  • – Red is the most popular colour used on flags.
  • – Red is one of the top two favourite colours.
  • – Red is a primary color. That means you can’t mix two other colors together to get red.
  • – Red is the highest arc of the rainbow
  • – Bees can not see red, but they see all other bright colours.
  • – Red is the first colour that a baby sees after black and white.

And now, here’s one more of Lacie with her lovely red bow.

“More than any other colour, red is loaded for action.” ~ Robert Genn

Project 52 _______________________
This post is part of the Pet Photography Project 52 blog circle. To see what the next photographer is sharing for the weekly theme, “Red”, visit Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography, serving pets and their people in Northeastern PA and surrounding areas Continue to click the link at the end of each post in the blog circle until you eventually find your way back here. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Project 52 Week 5 – Lacie in Red

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  2. Photo-wise, I love the canvas texture.

    I also appreciated learning so much about color psychology and its facts. This kind of stuff is so interesting to me!

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