12 Months For Dogs – February

I am a member of a Flickr group entitled “12 Months For Dogs“. Every month I submit one photo of Lacie, one photo of Odin and one photo of the two of them together, three projects in total. Here are February’s photos.

Although February has the least amount of days, it often feels like the longest month. Living on the prairies, the wait for spring can seem never-ending.

This is especially true this year as February has given us some of our coldest days.

That being said, the late February sun is now gifting us with a new warmth and longer days… so much so that grass and mud patches are popping up in the back yard.

Now that the ground has released its icy grip on the Frisbee, Odin has discovered what a fun toy it can be. He has yet to figure out the “retrieve” and “drop it” components of this game… but he has the running part down pat.

Lacie loves her off-leash walks in the field. Her recall has greatly improved… this girl can fly.

Getting a photo of them together has turned out to be a challenge… but here they are, two good dogs.

“There is always in February some one day, at least, when one smells the yet distant, but surely coming, summer.” ~ Gertrude Jekyll

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