52 Weeks – February

I am a member of two “52 Week” photography groups on Flickr. One project has Lacie as the weekly subject while the other has anything (but dogs) as the subject. These are the submitted photos for February.

Week 6

Lacie is feeling “oh so pretty” after her grooming.

While out for a morning walk at sunrise, I noticed the most beautiful full snow moon about to set in the west. I love it when the sun and moon share the same sky.

Week 7

It has been a windy and very cold week… probably the coldest it has been all winter. This photo was taken on the one fairly calm, relatively mild day but still, the photo session was short… too cold for posing and stillness.

Winter is still very much with us… -22C this morning.

Week 8

Its the end of the day and time to simply relax.

Nothing but blue skies and bulrushes…

Week 9

The bulrushes and snow make the perfect background for Lacie

A touch of hoarfrost turns the mundane into the beautiful.

February is the border between winter and spring. ~ Terri Guillemets

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