Happy Gotcha Day Odin!

One year ago today, Roland and I drove down to Winnipeg Animal Services and brought home a very frightened, sad-eyed pup named Odin. Our initial intention was to foster only! … but it soon became apparent that Odin was, in fact, here to stay.

Watching him grow into the beautiful boy that he is today has been a joyful experience. He remains unsure with new people and new situations, but once he is comfortable, he is simply one big, bouncy goofy boy.

Odin loves to play, and he loves kids. He is high energy when outside but settles nicely when indoors.

His cuddle-bug nature has blossomed, and he loves nothing better than to snuggle on the couch, pushing his big block head on to your lap.

His silly antics and mischievous ways bring smiles every day. He has given my days a purpose even in these most difficult of times.

All grown up…

I can’t help but feel blessed that we found each other.

Love you Odin.

Happy Gotcha Day!

“Hi,” I said. He came over, licked my hand discreetly, allowed himself to be scratched for a time, chased his tail in a dignified circle, lay down again. I remember thinking: “There are times God puts a choice in front of you.” I often had such thoughts back then. We took the dog. ~ Stanley Bing

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