Project 52 | Week 13 – Shallow Depth of Field

The theme for week 13 of the Project 52 Pet Photographer’s blog circle is “shallow depth of field”.

In photography, the term depth of field simply refers to the area of the scene which appears well in focus. When the depth of field is small, or shallow, the image background and foreground appear blurred, with only a small area in focus. A wider depth of field keeps most of the scene in focus.

A shallow depth of field is often used to isolate the subject from its environment while adding a pleasing artsy feel to the photograph. Obtaining the desired focus does take a little practice but the end results can be strikingly beautiful.

When photographing pets, I often strive for a shallow depth of field. I simply like the look and love how it makes the subject pop while adding some interest to the story being told.

The photo below is of our goofball, Odin. He had just come back from having his nails trimmed at the groomers. He did so well, and I was so proud of him. He, in turn, was exhausted!

The paws at the end of the day

And last but never least, here are a few recent hopefuls from the shelter. A shallow depth of field, with the resulting blurred backgrounds, in conditions where the backdrops are limited, allows for a much more pleasing adoption photo.

This week my heart is heavy. For the first time in many years, I will not be going into Winnipeg Animal Services to photograph the adoptable dogs. The COVID-19 pandemic has the shelter closing its doors to the public. Sadly, but understandably, this includes the volunteers. During this trying time, the amazing staff will continue to provide excellent care for the dogs. Adoption requests are being done by phone only.

No one, it seems, is left unaffected in this unprecedented time.

Stay safe, stay well.

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” ~ George Lucas

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This post is part of the Pet Photography Project 52 blog circle. To see what the next photographer is sharing for the weekly theme, “Shallow Depth of Field”, visit Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography, serving pets and their people in Northeastern PA and surrounding areas. Continue to click the link at the end of each post in the blog circle until you eventually find your way back here. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Project 52 | Week 13 – Shallow Depth of Field

  1. Beautiful photos all around, but the pup on the bench is my favorite. If the Springer Spaniel is still at the shelter, they may want to consider Springer rescue. I know a good one.

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  2. Beautiful images Colleen, I love the first one with the daisies. I too have been “shut out” of my local shelters for the first time in 6 years due to the corona-virus; hopefully all this social distancing achieves the desired effect!


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