Project 52 | Week 19 – Leading Lines

The theme for week 19 of the Project 52 Pet Photographer’s blog circle is “leading lines”.

In photography, leading lines refers to a composition technique where lines are used to lead to and/or emphasized the subject, thereby enhancing the story. Leading lines can be found everywhere… roadways, fences, shadows, rivers, the list is endless.

Here are some examples captured, with Odin and Lacie, on our morning walk.

For fun, here is a quick outtake of Lacie and Odin as they broke their “stay”.

Still within the lines. :)

“Every line tells its own story, even the very tentative ones.” ~ Gillian Redwood

Project 52 _______________________
This post is part of the Pet Photography Project 52 blog circle. To see what the next photographer is sharing for the weekly theme, “Leading Lines”, visit Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography fetching portraits in Coppell, Carrollton and the greater Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. Continue to click the link at the end of each post in the blog circle until you eventually find your way back here. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Project 52 | Week 19 – Leading Lines

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  2. Your morning walks look more interesting than ours, we’re in suburbia, but sometimes I break the rules and take them on the golf course if we’re up early enough to finish before the early-risers tee off. I too have soooo many pictures of dogs walking toward me breaking their stay :).

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