Two Years Old Today!

It seems hardly possible that our big burly boy is two years old today. Truth be told, his birthday is more of a guesstimate but we are going to go with it.

Odin came to live with us at 5 months of age. He was found as a stray, living on his own, in a northern community. A kind community member was able to capture him and brought him to a Winnipeg rescue that was holding a spay and neuter clinic. They accepted him and brought him into Winnipeg. He was then taken on by Winnipeg Animal Services as part of their Northern Outreach Initiative.

Shortly after his arrival, I was asked to take his adoption photos. Odin was now safe but extremely scared and he responded in the only way he knew… by completely shutting down. My heart broke at his pain and later that day, Roland and I brought him home to foster.

It wasn’t an easy transition for him or us but thanks to our family dog, Lacie, who Odin simply adored, we were able to get close to him and eventually gain his trust.

With that trust, we came to know and love this happy bouncy pup, who we discovered could howl like a banshee. It wasn’t long before we knew… Odin was home.

Happy Birthday big guy!

Love you!

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had.” – Thom Jones

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