Life With Dogs – March 2021

March came in like a lamb and has pretty much stayed the course with unseasonably warm and inviting days. These unexpectedly pleasant days have made this time of Covid more tolerable. Being able to get out and about with dogs and friends while enjoying the new warmth of the sun brings smiles even during this challenging time.

March 6th is an especially happy milestone. Two years ago on this day Roland and I bought home a very scared 5-month-old pup. Our initial intention was to foster only, but it wasn’t long before we knew Odin was home to stay.

Roland loved this dog and he would be thrilled to see what a goofy, gentle boy he is today.

Happy Gotch Day Odin!!

The blackened prairie behind our house from the grass fire in 2010.

With the small amount of snow coverage we have had this year, the field behind our place is near dry.

The ones-in-the-know are predicting possible drought conditions, which have me remembering another very dry spring way back in 2010.

That year the early melt with very little rain led to many local grass fires. Our field became the site of one of them.

That’s our little Coco Bean walking the neighbouring field.

That day was a scary one, with firemen dragging heavy long hoses through our yard then out the back gate to reach the flames. Everything turned out ok… but it is not something I will forget anytime soon.

Here’s hoping for substantial spring rains.

In the meantime, very little snow makes for very little mud and much more field fun.

The warmer days are perfect for doggie dates with best friends.

Lots of happy yard time too…

Then the lion in March made its presence known while letting out a mighty roar.

One day we are enjoying a balmy afternoon of +18C and the next we have snow, -12C temps with wind gusts of 80Kmhr.

March on the prairies…

We are not impressed!

Happily, April will soon come a-knocking with her own promise of spring.

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” ― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

This post is part of the 2021 Life With Dogs photography project.

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