Life With Dogs – May 2021

May is the month I daydream about all winter long. It is the time of new prairie beginnings… the new greens of spring, the new warmth of the sun with winds that flow softly from the south.

“Goodbye,” cold north winds. Arrivederci! Adiós!

And then there are all the first happenings… the opening of my seasonal site at Debonair Campground (Thanks to my son, David, for helping me with this), the first seeds planted in the garden followed by the seedlings once the frost is no longer a threat. Happily, the first blossom has already graced the yard while robins and songbirds flit about. How I have missed their cheerful ditties.

The heavy shadow of the covid pandemic still hovers mightily over Manitoba. Our province has been hit hard during this third wave. The restrictions are many and the need to stay at home continues but the blue skies and sunshine make the isolation more tolerable.

Thank goodness I have Odin and Lacie for company. With all these covid challenges, I would be lost without them.

It is wonderful that finally the dogs and I can enjoy our field walks unencumbered by layers of sweaters and coats.

Finding a great big stick mid-field is simply the BEST! Odin proudly carries his treasures back to his yard. Sadly (for Odin) these trophies mysteriously seem to disappear shortly afterwards.

The warmer days allow for more yard fun.

The first of many flowers has bloomed, the beautiful Dahlia. This calls for a photoshoot.

Mid-May bought soaring temps and near-perfect days for enjoying walks through our favourite trails at Bunns Creek.

One of Odin’s favourite walking buds is Sandy. This little cutie is a nine-year-old Jack Russel terrier and one of Odin’s best friends.

This particular day was a warm one. Once we got back home Sandy immediately headed for her pool. Odin was intrigued, but cautious. Maybe next time.

The longer days and warmer temps call out for leisurely evenings to simply bask in the stillness and the light.

Two good dogs…

“The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.” ~ Edwin Way Teale

This post is part of the 2021 Life With Dogs photography project.

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