Life With Dogs – October 2021

Here on the prairies one never knows what October will bring… will it be cold, will we get snow.

We were fortunate this year, enjoying many mild, sunny days. The cold north winds held off til the end of the month allowing for lots of time to prep the homes and the yards for the winter that lies ahead.

October also marks the beginning of birthday season in my family, not only for the grandkids, but also for Odin.

My big boy turned 3 on Oct 3. Happy Birthday Odin!

It seems like only yesterday that Roland and I first brought you home, one timid, scared pup who allowed only Lacie to get close.

My, how you have grown… and much happier now.

For me, October is a difficult month, so many memories come flooding back. It was on October 2nd, two years ago, that Roland was first symptomatic and diagnosed with brain cancer. Seven weeks later he died and my life changed forever.

He used to plant a small corn crop in a garden plot on the field side of our fence. The summer after he died, I made it into a butterfly garden, secretly wishing and hoping that a butterfly would find his spirit and let him know how very much I love him. Silly maybe, but the thought brings me comfort.

This was the butterfly gardens second summer and it did amazing. Plants and flowers sprung up out of no-where. The mild fall days had the flowers still blooming into late October.

I think this photo of Lacie sitting in the butterfly garden would have made Roland smile. He loved his dogs.

This is simply Odin being silly. He had just completed a zoomie round and was feeling quite full of himself.

I can not let the month pass without mentioning the many great adoptable dogs I have met while volunteering at Winnipeg Animal Services. Here are but some of their faces. More can be viewed on the Winnipeg Animal Services Petfinder page.

So many great dogs needing good homes…

October brings shorter days reflected in the changing light of our early morning field walks. Thankfully scarves and mitts are not yet needed… so we enjoy what is.

Two good dogs…

“The end of summer is not the end of the world. Here’s to October…” ~ A. A. Milne

**** This post is part of the 2021 Life With Dogs photography project. ****

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