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Marjorie Needs A Home

She waits…

Marjorie is a 2 year old beautiful boxer who has been waiting at Winnipeg Animal Services for far too long. She came in as an unclaimed stray way back in May. That’s a long time for anyone to wait, let alone a big, bouncy boxer gal.

Marjorie does have some issues and we are not shying away from them. But most can be managed and even eliminated if she were in a home with a family to guide her.

Marjorie is big for a boxer and she is strong. She needs someone with experience and with the strength to handle her. In the kennel environment she is not getting along with the other dogs. Kennel environments often exacerbate this behaviour. It is hoped that her being in a home situation could make all the difference, but for now it is recommended that she go to a family with no other dogs.

I know, I know, this all seems daunting. But really, all that aside, this girl will steal your heart if given half a chance. Marjorie will do almost anything for a yummy treat and that is a good thing… training will be easy.

She loves to run and play, frolicking about like only a boxer can, jowls flapping. Her silly antics will have you smiling in no time. This girl is just sooo much fun! All she needs is that special someone who is willing to give her a chance.

If you would like to meet Marjorie or would like more information, please come down to Winnipeg Animal Services and the staff will be happy to help you.

Just a reminder when you are adopting a pet, to take the time to meet the scared ones, the shy ones, the ones with the boring colours or missing limbs, the older ones, the frail ones. They have not given up. They just need you. And maybe you just need them too.

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Hayes – Adoptable Dog

Meet Hayes… a very sweet, very happy 5 year old Terrier mix who, through no fault of his own, has found himself without a family. The kind hearts at Earthdog Terrier Rescue o Manitoba have taken him under their wing until the right home comes along.




If you would like to meet Hayes or would like to have more information please contact Earthdog Terrier Rescue through their website at

“If you’re lucky, every once in a while a four-legged friend will walk into your life and change everything.”

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A Foster Home For Nala

She waits…

Nala is a one year old mastiff / shepherd mix. This beautiful girl was picked up as an unclaimed stray and has been in the adoption program with Winnipeg Animal Services going on three months. That’s a long time for an active girl to be confined in a kennel environment.

Nala is a big girl with big energy. She needs to move… she needs to run and she needs to play. She is a goofus at heart and her antics will have you smiling, but at the same time she needs to learn control. This girl needs a special foster home… one with an experienced dog-person to assist her in training and with her manners. She needs exercise and she needs training to be able to live up to her potential and become the loving companion she so very much wants to be.




Can you help Nala?

If you would like to meet her or would like more info please contact Winnipeg Animal Services. The staff will be happy to help you and introduce you to our girl.

To help in choosing the right dog for your personal situation, all of the adoptable dogs at Animal Services are assigned a colour. Each colour refers to the best home and best situation for that particular dog. Choosing the right match will ultimately improve the chances of a successful adoption for both the new owners and the dogs.

Nala’s meet your match colours:
Blue and Orange

Nala’s petfinder profile:

“Fostering — Loving a dog as your own to give them a second chance.”

Walking With Dogs At Sunrise

And so begins our day… up before the sun.

On our way home we met up with our little bud, Bagel.

Good morning sunshine…

“May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace…”
― Umair Siddiqui