My Life With Dogs – January 2022

January… the time of never-ending winter.

I am not going to lie, January has been tough this year with the unrelenting cold and an above-average blanket of snow.

I find myself craving to cocoon but the dogs need to move, so that is what we do.

Even on the most bitter of January days, we are out at least for a short while. Some days it seems that the time getting dressed is longer than the time spent outdoors, but regardless, it always feels good to get some fresh air and then hurry back to the warmth inside.

Windy – White – Wintery – Wishful – January

Odin, the brave
Lacie, my heart
Lacie has the best and happiest recall!
comfy and cozy… dreaming of spring

“Come, ye cold winds, at January’s call, On whistling wings, and with white flakes bestrew The earth.” ~ John Ruskin