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Scenes From a Dog Walk

Autumn has arrived. There is a new coolness to our morning walks, the landscape now tinted with yellow and orange.

This time of year we share the field with many geese.

Can I mom?

Go for it!

After Lacie’s walk it is Coco’s turn… more a study in meditation than anything else. My sweet old man turned 15 this past January. He is deaf and his vision is poor… but his enjoyment is 100%.

“Some of our greatest treasures we place in museums. Others we take for walks.”

One Sweet Pup… looking for a home

Meet Riley.

This sweet baby girl is an interesting mix of Shar Pei and Husky. She and her seven siblings were born in a northern Manitoba community and are currently being cared for in foster homes in Winnipeg under the wing of Earthdog Terrier Rescue of Manitoba.

This darling baby girl is a true sweetheart. She loves to play but at the same time has a gentle, quiet way about her. She and her siblings will make wonderful additions to the right forever families.

If you would like to meet Riley or would like more info on her and her brothers and sisters, please contact Earthdog Terrier Rescue of Manitoba.

“When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated.” ~ Sara Paretsky

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Happy New Year from Simply Col Photography

I am so very grateful for the year that was.

To all the pound pups and rescue dogs that I have met… I wish you all the best in your new forever homes.

You own my heart!

Pound Pups


Just a few of my favourite photos from 2016

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A doggies New Year’s Resolution: “I will recognize the difference between furniture and fire hydrants.”

Happy New Year Everyone! Here’s to making and capturing memories!