Photography Sessions

Simply Col Photography is a pet photographer located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I very much understand the deep love that is shared with our pets and the unique richness that they bring to our lives. My goal is to capture these moments and emotions so that they may be shared and cherished always.

Simply Col Photography is currently accepting
photography session appointments for March and April 2017


To book a photography session with Simply Col Photography:
– email
– send a message from this website using the Contact Form.

*** The preferred time for outdoor photo sessions is the early morning or late afternoon / early evening. This ensures that we enjoy the very best quality of light.

Pet Photography Session:
— session fee $150.


  • pre-session consultation to discuss details and answer any questions. (via email, phone or in person)
  • 1 hour of session time (or however long it takes to get the perfect photos).
  • outdoor location of your choice within the City of Winnipeg.
  • Up to two pets allowed per session. ( $25 for each additional family pet after that )
  • professionally edited images in your private on-line ordering gallery – may be shared with family and friends.
  • approximately 15 digital high resolution images (available on private online gallery and on DVD ) with print release
  • complimentary low res. watermarked digital images for use on the internet and social media.

*** prints and products may be purchased separately – please inquire.

These photos are your memories, your keepsakes… It is hoped and encouraged that prints be ordered. I am more than willing to help in this endeavour. I use a local professional lab for all prints and products. Simply let me know your wishes and we can easily prepare a personalized image package. As the photographer/artist, I retain full copyright and ownership of all images.

Something To Think About
Digital media will go out-of-date and out-of-style,
and the files that have been stored with digital formats will one day be inaccessible.
— A print will always be there —


Elder Session
— special tribute sessions

I know how loved our furbabies are. I know how precious every moment can be. If you have an elder pet or one in ailing health… please contact me. We will plan a photo session at your earliest convenience.

  • intended for senior pets (10 years old or more) and those that have failing health.
  • these photography sessions will always take priority as far as scheduling.


Complimentary Rescue Dog Photo Session

I will continue to offer complimentary (no fee) photo sessions for shelters and rescues in the hope of making a positive difference in world of animal rescue. The need is great and I truly want to help. If you are affiliated with a shelter or rescue and your animals are in need of adoption photos… please feel free to contact me

  • The rescues will receive 3 – 8 complimentary low res. watermarked digital images for use on the internet and social media.
  • These photos will be free to use and distribute to promote adoptions of any of these animals. Rescue organizations are free to crop the photos and include them in posters and advertisements that promote adoption. I do ask that no clip art be added to the actual photos. A link back to the facebook page and/or the webpage is appreciated.


kodaAbout the Photo Sessions:
My wish is to not only capture a likeness but also share the story and spirit of the pet I am photographing. I find that this is easier for me to accomplish in an outdoor setting simply incorporating the vibrant colours and backgrounds that nature bountifully offers. Therefore, if at all possible, the photography sessions will be enjoyed outdoors, utilizing natural light.

Location can be up to you. If your dog feels most comfortable in your yard, that would work, but I am also open to using a park, a field or other location of your choosing within the City of Winnipeg. I have long training leads that may be used to ensure a safe experience for the dogs. The ability of the dog to be off lead is not a prerequisite and actually is not encouraged during the sessions.

Since the photo sessions will be done outdoors, and as good light is a requirement, some flexibility in scheduling will be appreciated, especially in respect to weather patterns. Indoor photos (especially for puppies) may also be taken if there is access to large windows and natural light. The preferred time for outdoor photo sessions is the morning or late afternoon / early evening.


Thank you for visiting Simply Col Photography.