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Journey 2018 Day 365/365 – to all the dogs I have loved before…

These are some of the beautiful faces that I have had the joy to meet and photograph in 2018. Wishing you all happiness and forever love in 2019. You each own a piece of my heart.

The Pound Pups of 2018

“Do you ever look at your dogs and think… How did I get so lucky!”

To Save A Pup…

8 pups

It’s January in Winnipeg. The night was cold and it was dark. A full moon slowly drifted in the northeastern sky casting an unexpected beauty to the winterscape. Grateful that the distance had been short, I turned my car into the strip mall. The parking lot was empty, the buildings hidden in deep shadows. A small grouping of cars, parked side by side, sat in silence as they faced the front entrance of Plessis Veterinary Hospital. A welcoming light flooded through the front office windows illuminating the walkway in front of the vehicles.

As I swung open and entered the front door, I got my first glimpse of the cuteness inside. Two soon-to-be foster families stood cradling their new “little ones”. Around the corner and through the exam room door, a huddle of pups waited in a large wire crate on the floor. Long past his regular office hours, the veterinarian carefully examined and weighed each individual ball of fur.


Cathie, the director of Spirit of Hope Rescue, assisted when needed and then passed the pups through to the next room where bowls of near liquid mush lined the counter top. Two volunteers guided the hungry babies with their feedings. The pups appetites were voracious and they quickly and messily waded their way through their meal.. managing to get more than a bit onto their noses and toes.


This litter of pups… 8 in total… approximately 5 weeks of age, had just arrived in Winnipeg by plane from Red Sucker Lake and were now under the care of Spirit of Hope Rescue. Thanks to Cathie and her caring volunteers, all had now been vet checked, had full bellies and would be spending the night safe and warm with new foster families. These people truly represent what dog rescue is all about and, for me, prove that there is indeed much good in this world. I feel very privileged to have been able to partake in all of this in even a small way.



For the sake of all homeless dogs… please spay and neuter. And if you are thinking of adding a new pup to your family… please adopt. The need is great.

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Shelter Dogs… Deserving of a Second Look

and a second chance…


In the shelter environment, the main kennel area is a noisy and often chaotic room… a scary place for many. The confined area and the too close proximity makes it difficult for even the calmest dog to shine.

As you walk through the noise and confusion that is the main kennel room, if you feel a connection with a dog, let the kennel attendants know and they will set up a meet and greet outside of the kennel area. The pups will be SO happy for the chance to stretch their legs.

Once outside in the enclosure, more often than not, you will be amazed at the transformation… that sad shelter dog persona that you met inside, simply falls away and in its place is this new pup…happy, bouncy, often in search of a toy or maybe a treat.

This is your chance to get to know the real dog. The one that is so desperately hoping that you will be his second chance.

Here are just some of their faces:












“Open your heart to a shelter dog and they will love you forever.”

All of these dogs are available for adoption through Winnipeg Animal Services Agency.

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Easter and Shepherds … a Good Mix

Spring was just starting to hint at its promise. The air was still coolish, snow drifts still lingered, but Easter was in the air welcoming a new warmth from the sun. The holiday weekend was a busy one with Easter and family birthdays… but the Saturday belonged to the German Shepherds and the place to be on this soon to be spring day was the Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue Easter Adoption and Fundraising Event.

Personally, my experience with this breed is limited but every time I spend time with this particular rescue I am so very impressed at the nature of these dogs… loyal, “lean on me” friendly, family dogs. Beautiful, beautiful creatures. And the people and volunteers involved in their care are equally impressive.

Here are just some of their stunning canine faces…

















Do you see a face that pulls at your heart? Please take that next step. All of these gorgeous dogs are available for adoption through Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue.


“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.” ~Thom Jones



Every once in awhile you meet a dog that touches your heart in a special way. Haylee did just that. She is a young gal, only 10 months old, who somehow found herself lost and on her own. Lucky for her, she is now at Winnipeg Animal Services and through their adoption program will soon find a family to call her own. She is a darling girl, a little unsure at first, but comes around quickly to a kind voice and gentle touch. Haylee is a smart girl, already showing off her “sit” for a treat… her potential shines.

For more information on Haylee please contact Winnipeg Animal Services.

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Deserving of a Second Look


In the shelter, the kennel area for the adoptable dogs is a noisy and often chaotic room. Just the movement of opening the door and entering can set off a chain reaction of barks and howls… a chorus that winds and bounces in its intensity as dogs rush to the front of their pens, their reactions fueled by the opinion of the dog next door. This is the norm and staff and volunteers are accepting and used to the commotion.

whoIam2Not so much new visitors, and this is the sad part. First impressions can be lasting.

But in the shelter environment it is ALL about taking that second look.

As difficult as it may be, it is so important not to judge a dog by his kennel ways, even though at times the antics can be almost intimidating. But, in 9 times out of 10, what is seen is NOT reflective of who the dog really is.

We ( the staff and volunteers ) interact with the dogs so much that we come to know the real dogs residing in the pens and it is quite disheartening to see how their kennel antics hurt their chances of getting adopted. We can’t really blame the visitors… we see what they see. It’s just that we have come to know (and care for) the real dog as well… the one they don’t see… unless they pause and take that second look.

We do our best to educate potential adopters and are more than happy to set up a meet and greet in a more private space. An outdoor enclosure is the perfect choice… a place where the dog can feel safe and can relax, away from the stress and away from the influence of 20 other barking buddies.


Once taken outside, seeing the transformation never gets old. Sometimes there may be a bit of lingering hesitancy but patience is all that is required. A little time and a few more sniffs and poof, the uncertainty dissipates, especially if a favoured toy or ball is spotted. The ears tip forward, the nose dips down. With a few body shakes, the shelter dog persona disappears and a completely different dog emerges… often a bouncy and fun loving guy looking for nothing more than for someone to toss that ball.


Here is where we are witness to the true nature of this dog, the happy goofy dog, the real dog that we so wish everyone could meet.

So please, if you are thinking of visiting the shelter in hopes of getting a dog, take the time to take that second look… you may just find yourself gazing into the eyes of your new best friend. Well worth the effort and well worth the time, wouldn’t you say.








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Dogs In Waiting

“Waiting for someone you love is never easy. Especially when the one you’re waiting for isn’t aware that you’re waiting.” ~ unknown

Right now we have so many good dogs waiting at “the shelter” … hoping that the next person to pass by will take a moment to pause and take notice. Sadly some have been waiting for months.

For me, this is the hard part… seeing the same faces week after week, many filled with anticipation, some filled with resignation. It breaks my heart. This is where I find myself holding back tears and quickly brushing away the ones that manage to slip through . This is when I try to focus on the good, recalling the names of those adopted while hoping right along with those still here, that this week will be their week.

These are but some of those faces…





buddy-web * Adopted *


chloe-web* Adopted *




holly-web* Adopted *


nacho-web * Adopted *










riley-web * Adopted *




dillion-web * Adopted *








Please… if you are thinking of adding a dog to your family… remember the shelter dogs.

They need you.

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One Pup and Three Ladies

It has been bitterly cold this week, even by Winnipeg standards. Tuesday morning was more of the same… deep blue skies, an abundance of sunshine with air that is so prickly frigid, the molecules nip at your cheeks as you walked through it… -37C with the windchill. Extra mitts and dry socks were stuffed deep into my camera bag next to the lens and speedlite. I grabbed some treats, my squeak ball, camera bag and headed out. Today was W.A.S. day.

Four dogs needed photos done, one male pup and three female shepherd mixes… all very pretty girls.

The first was Ollie, a sweet Rotti mix, thought to be about 5 – 6 months old, but very small for his age. And skinny.. his little tummy caved in, ribs sticking out. This poor baby is very badly malnourished, his growth stunted and his legs bowed because of it.


A little bit shy, a little bit unsure, he soon opened up to quiet words, a warm touch and tasty treats. Ollie will be available for adoption but he will need an owner who understands his special needs, especially those involving his nutrition. A kind touch and good food is what this sweet baby needs. Thank goodness he was found and brought in to Animal Services where he is now safe, warm and cared for. Still, one can not help but wonder on his story.

Ollie’s photos done, it was now time to meet the girls… and what pretty ladies they are.

Meet Shayla


Meet Tessie


Meet Carlie


All of these lovely dogs are available for adoption with Winnipeg Animal Services.

So many great dogs simply needing good homes.

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Happy Holidays Asher!

AsherSo Happy for Asher! I just found out that he is “adoption pending”.

Asher grabbed hold of my heart on the first day we met. That was way back in October when he first found himself alone at W.A.S. (Winnipeg Animal Services). Such a smart boy and with the most amazingly beautiful eyes, I thought for sure he would be adopted within the week.

But sadly that did not happen. And Asher became one of the dogs that waits.

Months passed, as it sometimes does, and still no one came for Asher. But he was very much loved by the volunteers and staff at the shelter. Such a quiet, well mannered boy, rarely barking in his kennel, more often simply sitting back on his bed, watching quietly as people came and went.

Asher - Christmas

Last month myself and two other volunteer photographers decided to do a Christmas photo shoot with some of our WAS dogs. Asher was one of them… and he was a STAR. If ever there was a Canadian Super Model Dog competition, Asher would take the title hands down. He was a natural, working it like he had done this all before. We had a blast with all the dogs, but Asher stood out.

christmas_asher-3And again we all pondered… “Why are you still here?”.

But I guess sometimes the waiting is all about finding the perfect match and now it seems that may have happened for our Asher.

Good luck buddy… you are so deserving of a good home and a happy holiday.

We wish you all the best!

Love you…

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