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Training Day for Adira

Adira is a bubbly, happy girl who has been waiting for far too long at Animal Services for a forever family. She came to the shelter last August as an unclaimed stray and shortly after that, entered into the adoption program.

Adira is a wiggle bum… I can think of no better way to describe her. She is also a bouncy, strong gal with boundless energy. Although Adira loves attention and loves people, it is apparent that she has had little, if any previous training. She needs an experienced owner… someone with the knowledge, time and patience to teach her doggy manners and help her to reach her full potential.

Sadly, after 6 months, she still waits.

Being in a kennel environment takes its toll on these dogs, often the high energy ones and especially the ones that see the days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months.

Enter Yury of PAW & ORDER Wpg. a dog trainer and behaviorist. He is donating his time and talent to help Adira and other dogs just like her.

I just happened to be on hand the day Yury came in to work with Adira.

On this day Yury had a special helper named Daisy. She came into W.A.S. with her “mom” to assist with Adira’s training. Miss Daisy is a gal who had been under the care of Animal Services for over a year before she found the perfect owner. She was much loved then, as she is now.

Adira has been showing signs of reactivity so the plan was for her and Daisy to walk together both as a training and an assessment strategy.

Both dogs did amazingly well.

It was awesome to visit with Daisy and witness her happy life.

And it is wonderful that Animal Services supports Yury and the idea of additional training to help dogs like Adira. I am so proud to be a member of their team.

“Understanding your dog and knowing how to control him, develop his potentials, and resolve behavior problems, emotional conflicts and frustrations are no less essential than love and respect.” ~ Michael W. Fox

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Journey2018 Day 45 – all about the dogs

Today it is all about the dogs…





“Adopt a shelter dog and they will love you forever.”

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Journey2018 Day 38/365 – Shelter Dogs

Today it was all about the dogs.

Here are some of their faces… all are shelter dogs hoping to find their forever homes.







“Caring for animals is not what I do, it’s who I am.”

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Journey2018 Day 12

journey2018 Day 12

Today it is all about the dogs…






“Everybody should have a shelter dog. It’s good for the soul.” ~ Paul Shaffer

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Just One Wish… a Home

The time of year doesn’t really matter at the shelter… it is almost always busy and noisy.

Happily, this holiday season, the numbers are low but, sadly, many of the dogs that are still waiting and hoping are “long-timers”… many here since the summer, some since the spring.

It’s these dogs that are featured here today… all decked out in front of the Christmas tree, hoping that they too will get their Christmas wish.









“Hi,” I said. She came over, licked my hand discreetly, allowed herself to be scratched for a time, chased her tail in a dignified circle, lay down again. I remember thinking: “There are times God puts a choice in front of you.” I often had such thoughts back then. We took the dog. ~ Stanley Bing

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Emmett – Home At Last

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Emmett, after waiting three long months at Animal Services, has found his forever home.


Wishing you all the best buddy!

“The best things in life are rescued.”

Miss Daisy Needs A Home

Miss Daisy is a most beautiful girl… a Shar Pei / Shepherd mix.
Miss Daisy

Found alone and homeless on the streets of Winnipeg she is now safe and waits for a new family at Winnipeg Animal Services.

But, the wait has been long.

Daisy first came into the shelter way back in April, almost three months ago. That is a long time for an active girl to have to wait and be patient. Daisy does have Entropion in both eyes which needs to be addressed but otherwise she is a healthy, sweet, friendly gal, who loves to play and loves being with people.

It is difficult to understand sometimes why certain dogs are passed on by. It certainly baffles us at the shelter in Daisy’s case. She is a most awesome dog who simply needs a home.

“All great friendships start with a paw-shake. Reach out.”

Update: Happy News! Daisy is adopted!!

Meet Kilo | Adoptable Dog

Just one wish... a HOME

Just one wish… a Home

Some dogs simply pull on your heart strings a little more deeply… this is the way it is with Kilo.

Kilo is an older gent who came into Animal Services in the hopes that we would be able to help him find a family and home. He was not truly a stray… but he didn’t have a permanent address either. He was a dog in limbo… shuffled from one person to the next, many trying but none really succeeding in providing him a safe place.

The first time I saw Kilo he was quietly sitting at the front of his kennel. I looked at him and he looked back at me with those intense orange eyes set in that broad big head.

kiloandmeI admit… I paused.

But only for a moment and it wasn’t long before the staff at W.A.S. discovered the sweetness in this big lumbering boy.

This past weekend Kilo walked in the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade with the Winnipeg Animal Services float. He did amazingly well… walking quietly in front, frequently turning to wonder at the noise and crowds lining the streets, but never making a fuss. At the end we could tell he was tired and grateful for a rest but he had walked the entire parade route like the trooper he is.

And I am more in love than ever.

The bottom line is… this big boy needs a home. If you think you may be interested, please contact Winnipeg Animal Services. I have a feeling you will be glad you did.

Post Update: Happy News – Kilo has been ADOPTED !

Pet Photography Session – King, Bella and Charlie

I was excited! Today I would get to photograph my friend Paul and his three dogs… King, Bella and Charlie. Paul and all of his dogs hold a special place in my heart. All the dogs are rescue dogs. Bella and Charlie are Winnipeg Animal Services alumni dogs… so our connection is tangible. King was initially a foster through Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue. It was evident soon on that King had actually found his forever home.

Paul himself is a special person with a deep love and connection with all things canine. He is well known in Winnipeg for his generous heart and for the many rescue dogs he has helped in their journey to finding good homes.

King Charlie Bella

Charlie is the oldest of the crew and thought to be a Malinois mix. When Charlie and Paul first met, Charlie was a young, unruly, hyper dog whose future was uncertain. The luckiest day of Charlie’s life was when Paul walked into Animal Services and took him home as a foster dog. Charlie’s life changed forever that day… and all in a good way.


CharlieNext came sweet Bella, a hefty gentle soul who somehow found herself at Animal Services as an unclaimed stray. Once in the adoption program, we at W.A.S. wondered why she was continually passed on by. But then we knew… she was waiting for Paul. We could not have been happier when Paul decide to keep her as his own. Some things are just meant to be.



The latest member of Paul’s crew is King, a goofy, happy Shepherd mix who loves life and is more than ready for any new adventure.


These truly are three great dogs … and Paul is the main reason why. Sadly it has recently been determined that Bella has bone cancer and her prognosis is guarded. My heart breaks for Paul. There simply are no words … only hugs and prayers.

Bella and King

King Bella Charlie

Thank you Paul for your kind heart and for all the work that you do in the world of rescue. Charlie, Bella and King are prime examples of the potential that can be realized in a rescued dog!!

“Rescue dogs aren’t broken, they’ve simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Don’t pity a rescue dog. Adopt one. And be proud to have their greatness by your side.” ~ author unknown



Shelter Dogs… Deserving of a Second Look

and a second chance…


In the shelter environment, the main kennel area is a noisy and often chaotic room… a scary place for many. The confined area and the too close proximity makes it difficult for even the calmest dog to shine.

As you walk through the noise and confusion that is the main kennel room, if you feel a connection with a dog, let the kennel attendants know and they will set up a meet and greet outside of the kennel area. The pups will be SO happy for the chance to stretch their legs.

Once outside in the enclosure, more often than not, you will be amazed at the transformation… that sad shelter dog persona that you met inside, simply falls away and in its place is this new pup…happy, bouncy, often in search of a toy or maybe a treat.

This is your chance to get to know the real dog. The one that is so desperately hoping that you will be his second chance.

Here are just some of their faces:












“Open your heart to a shelter dog and they will love you forever.”

All of these dogs are available for adoption through Winnipeg Animal Services Agency.

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