Living Love

At this moment I am wrapped in the sadness of my most recent loss. But I am also filled with gratitude to have had the joy of sharing my life with these three beautiful souls. Living Love If you ever love an animal, there are three days in your life you will always remember... The [...]

Saying Good-Bye to Bear

Today we said our final good-bye to Bear... he was an extraordinary feline and we feel honoured to have loved him. Bear came into our lives 14 years ago... a handsome manly Manx cat with a bob of a tail and a stealthily stance. He ruled our "house of canines" and owned our hearts. Sadly, [...]

The Waiting Game

It may be the beginning of March but it is still very much winter here in Manitoba. Lacie does not care what the season... as long as someone is willing to toss her favourite toy for her to fetch. Coco, on the other hand, is dreaming of spring. Me too... truth be told. Lacie is [...]

Complimentary Photo Session – Bear and Jack

This week I got to photograph Bear and Jack... a special session in so many ways. Rhonda, their mom, is a dear friend and Jack is literally the face that launched my current photographic journey. I remember the day well... it was an unseasonably warm October day in 2010. I was aimlessly strolling an adoption [...]