Coco – Unstaged…

The BeStill52 challenge this week was to capture a moment unstaged... to capture it as it is. At first I thought how easy this would be as I often see this as my goal... to capture the world as I see it. But then I came to realize that if I really thought about it... [...]

Raindrops on Flowers

BeStill52 - Nurture Creativity The concept of nurturing creativity through nurturing myself is so appreciated. The unrelenting deluge of rain and wind that has been this past week, had the preset "Dark Mood" fit perfectly. It is with gratitude that I find that creativity brings its own release when darkness settles. preset used - kk's [...]

Shadows and Light

BeStill52 - side light exploration I am loving this course... love what I am learning... love what I am seeing. This week the focus is on side lighting... something that I find both soothing and appealing. Something that I often try to incorporate into my everyday images. Finding a way to do so utilizing the [...]

Stillness and Light

Be Still-52 Week 4 I can think of no other place that offers me stillness as does the garden. The body flows and the mind stills... peace. “Movement is the freedom of the body; stillness, of the mind.” ~ Marty Rubin texture used- kk_waterfront1 preset used - kk's Melancholy

Nature as my Backdrop

Be Still-52 Week 3 - A Reflection of Me This week the challenge is to begin to gather potential backdrops and tabletops while keeping true to ourselves and our art. I love the idea of finding a backdrop or a table in the place I least expect it and / or better yet, seeing an [...]