Great Dogs Needing Good Homes

This past weekend I attended the Annual Howl-O-Ween Adoption Event hosted by Manitoba All Shepherd Rescue. Not only was it a fun time, but I got to meet and photograph some wonderful adoptable dogs... all hoping to find forever homes. Here are their adorable faces: FINN Balsam BUDDY CAIN GUNNER SHADOW SADEE BAUER Happy news.... [...]

Lacie’s Story

At the time, my current fur-family consisted of three seniors... Bear the Manx cat (14), Coco the Shih Tzu (13) and Sadie the English Springer Spaniel (13). These three owned my heart and being seniors, they all needed that little extra touch of attention that many older pets do. The thought of adding a new [...]

Complimentary Photo Session – Bear and Jack

This week I got to photograph Bear and Jack... a special session in so many ways. Rhonda, their mom, is a dear friend and Jack is literally the face that launched my current photographic journey. I remember the day well... it was an unseasonably warm October day in 2010. I was aimlessly strolling an adoption [...]

To Save A Pup…

It's January in Winnipeg. The night was cold and it was dark. A full moon slowly drifted in the northeastern sky casting an unexpected beauty to the winterscape. Grateful that the distance had been short, I turned my car into the strip mall. The parking lot was empty, the buildings hidden in deep shadows. A [...]