Bay Needs a Home


BAY is a sweet 6 month old Border Collie mix who really really needs a home. This young pup has been waiting at Winnipeg Animal Services for over 2 months (way too long for a young pup!) and is starting to have a hard time in the kennel environment.

He is a smart, active boy and he needs his own family … he loves attention and needs his own back yard to relax and play in. If you are looking for a sweetheart of a pup, ready to learn, and ready to love… please come down to 1057 Logan Ave. and meet Bay. Ask to take him out into one of the WAS outdoor enclosures for a visit. That would make him SO happy.

Post Note:
Thank you Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue for taking Bay under your wing. So happy that he will be able to relax in a foster home til he finds his forever family.

Hulls Haven Border Collie Rescue Website

The W.A.S. Dogs Need Our Help


Winnipeg Animal Services is full to passed capacity with adoptable and stray dogs. The situation is critical as space must be made available for incoming strays. In an attempt to open up some kennels, WAS is holding a five day adopt-a-thon which started today and will go until 4:30pm, Sunday, April 26.

Please help if you can.

Dogs Available for Adoption

News Release: Adoptable Dogs Seeking Homes

Can Dogs Feel Sadness…

Can dogs feel sadness? I believe they can, and I think I met one that has.

Donner was six months old when he first ended up at Winnipeg Animal Services as a stray. He came in with a buddy.. both remained unclaimed. His friend, about the same age, maybe a tad older and all black, was the lucky one. He found a home within the first week of being in the adoption program.

That was way back in December.

Now it is April and still Donner waits. Must be difficult for a pup who is full of vim and vigor to be penned up and expected to wait.

No wonder he gets restless and acts a little stir crazy whenever someone new approaches his kennel. No wonder he barks and spins.

And no wonder people walk on by.

It has been so long that we thought maybe some new photos might help.

As I opened the door to his pen, true to form, Donner jumped up and rested his paws on my chest.

“No wonder,” I thought as I shook my head, gave a “down” and slipped the lead over his ears. “No wonder”.

Starting to doubt that this was going to work, I opened the gate, we stepped out and made our way to the exit. We hadn’t even made it to the end of the aisle when I could sense a change. Quite unexpectedly it was a calm Donner who now walked beside me and once outside he seemed quieter still.

Where was the crazy goof that, just minutes ago, was doing a spinning dance inside his pen. Gone.

My guess was that this is all he wanted … just to get out and be with someone.

Once outside, much to my surprise, he remained calm, no running around in circles, no bounding leaps. He sniffed a bit, chased the toy a little, and then simply came and sat beside me. He raised his head and looked at me with questioning sad, sad eyes. It was almost as if he knew that this little break from kennel life would be like the others… short lived.

My heart broke.

We stayed out side a little longer than the norm, took some photos but mostly played. He perked up some but still his eyes and his essence just seemed so sad.

Poor beautiful boy. I hope the new photos will spark someone’s interest. And I hope even more that that someone takes the time to take this boy outside to meet the real Donner, the Donner that simply needs a friend.

I really really hope.

Post Note Update:
Donner is still waiting for his perfect family but he is one positive step closer. He is now under the care of Darcy’s A.R.C. (Animal Rescue Center). This is a no-kill shelter in Winnipeg. Finally out of the kennel environment after way too long a wait. Thank you Darcy!

**HAPPY NEWS** Donner has been Adopted!!

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Merrow… Big, Black, Beautful

Look at this face… is he not beautiful!

Yet because of his nondescript colour, potential adopters pass him by without as much as a sidewards glance.


Merrow is an 8 -10 month old Border Collie mix. When only 5 months old he somehow lost his way and ended up at Winnipeg Animal Services as a stray. Four months have come and gone and still Merrow waits. Merrow is a happy bouncy boy and now at almost 10 months old, he is big, black and beautiful with a playful yet surprisingly mellow personality. A true black pearl.

Winnipeg Animal Services is very full right now with adoptable dogs… over half are similar to Merrow, black in colour, yet all of them are more than deserving of a second chance and a second look. My wish is that folks would take the time to stop and visit, pause a moment and look into their eyes, see beyond their colour, or lack there of. I really do believe that many would be surprised to find their new best friend gazing back at them.

Post Note: Merrow is now in the care of Darcy’s A.R.C. (Animal Rescue Center). Thank you so much for taking Merrow under your wing.

Post, Post Note: Wonderful news… Merrow has been adopted!

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The Big Bang Puppies

Meet Amy, Bernadette, Raj and Sheldon… the Big Bang Puppies.  Cuteness abounds!

bigbangpups-3A week ago Thursday I was packing up my camera and getting ready to head out the front door of W.A.S. when I heard a voice say,  “I found four pups in a cardboard box outside.  Can I bring them in here?”

And that is how and when these four pups, cardboard box and all, found their way to the front desk of Winnipeg Animal Services… safe and found.

Seven days later, no owner having come forward, the pups were vet checked, declared healthy and adoptable. This time when we met, it was to have some quick photos taken.

The day that they became adoptable was also the day that they were taken under the wing of Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue. These rollie-pollies will be loved in foster homes while they wait to find their forever families. A very happy ending.

A very good day indeed for these sweet four.

Yet, I can not help but wonder and worry about the others, the ones that are abandoned and not found, the ones that will never know the kindness of strangers. Best to dwell on the good that has been done, I suppose.

Please, please… spay and neuter.

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St. Paddy’s Day Adoption Event

with Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue

Today I had the fun opportunity to be the guest photographer at a St. Patrick’s Day Adoption Event sponsored by the Manitoba German Shepherd Rescue. The venue may have been small, a local PetValu Store, but the ambiance was as rowdy as any good St. Paddy’s Day party. The adoptable dogs came in all sizes, from pups to seniors, all hopeful that maybe today would be their lucky day.

My photography space consisted of a makeshift backdrop … a greyish soft sheet tossed over a 6 foot high pile of boxes at the end of one of the corner aisles. A soft fluffy blanket served as the floordrop. A rather haphazard setup for the most part, but it worked. One little pup who had just arrived into rescue that morning loved the cuddly floor blanket so much that he kept sneaking back for another snuggle and stretch out… so cute!

I quickly found that getting rambunctious pups to sit where you want them and how you wish them is sometimes almost impossible so many of the shots turned out to be of a more candid nature. And that was OK.

With many dogs in such a tiny space, chaos ruled at times but in the end at least 12 dogs had new photos to share… and new friends (both people and dog) had been made. Truth being said, the resulting photos were probably not my best, but many do make me smile. Sometimes perfection is simply not what it’s all about.

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