First Snow

After many a prairie winter, the first snow is still a pivotal event, one that leaves me feeling  in awe and, at the same time, in a bit of a dither. This year the white morning arrived totally unannounced, with barely a frosty morning as a prelude. I kind of liked it that way. With [...]

October Blooms

October is here and the garden has taken on a new look. Most of the flowering is done, seed pods now cling where flowers once danced. Still a few resilient blooms remain... This one tarrying daisy sways, lovely in her perfection, undaunted that she stands alone. A small burst of purple on the clamatis vine, [...]

Raindrops on Flowers

BeStill52 - Nurture Creativity The concept of nurturing creativity through nurturing myself is so appreciated. The unrelenting deluge of rain and wind that has been this past week, had the preset "Dark Mood" fit perfectly. It is with gratitude that I find that creativity brings its own release when darkness settles. preset used - kk's [...]