Max Needs a Home

Max is a 2 year old Retriever / Shepherd mix who somehow lost his way and ended up at Winnipeg Animal Services as an unclaimed stray. Like many of the dogs, no one came looking for this boy and after the mandatory waiting period he was placed in the adoption program. The sad thing for [...]

Wonka – Before and After

WONKA Approx. Age: 7 years Breed : Beagle mix Wonka is a 7 year old beagle mix who was struck by a car in a remote Canadian community. With the help of a northern rescue organization, Wonka was transported to Winnipeg and accepted under the care of Earthdog Terrier Rescue of Manitoba. Once in Winnipeg [...]

Nelson – Before and After

I am very happy to report that Nelson has been adopted and is now enjoying life with his forever family. I am equally as happy to see that this before and after photo is being shared on the HeARTS Speak Blog. What a wonderful way to bring awareness to the plight of the rescue dog [...]

Exciting News!!

I very recently been notified that I have been accepted as an Aspiring Member of the HeARTs Speak community. I am completely thrilled and blown away by this honour.HeARTs Speak is an international community of artists and photographers that volunteer their time and their talent to the world of animal rescue. I am in awe [...]