Pussy Willows

Nothing says “spring” like the pussy willow…

The Legend of Pussy Willows

A Polish legend tells the tale
Of tiny kittens, oh so frail.

Along the river’s edge they chased
With butterflies they played and raced.

They came too close to the river’s side
And thus, fell in. Their mother cried.

What could she do but weep and moan
Her babies fate were yet unknown.

The willows, by the river knew
Just what it was they they must do.

They swept their graceful branches down
Into the waters, all around.

To reach the kittens was their goal
A rescue mission, heart and soul.

The Kittens grasped the branches tight.
Tthe willows saved them from their plight.

Each springtime since, the story goes
Willow branches now wear clothes.

Tiny fur like buds are sprung
Where little kittens once had clung.

And that’s the legend, so they claim
How Pussy Willows Got their name.

Nature as my Backdrop

Be Still-52
Week 3 – A Reflection of Me

This week the challenge is to begin to gather potential backdrops and tabletops while keeping true to ourselves and our art.

I love the idea of finding a backdrop or a table in the place I least expect it and / or better yet, seeing an already owned item through new eyes. Truth-be-told, this time in my life seems more about letting go than gathering in. Consequently my personal venture, I duly feel, will be to find something new in something old.

Then, of course there is nature… of whose backdrop I find the most appealing and to where I seem to be drawn. The possibilities feel endless.

Nature as my Background

texture used- Kim Klassen’s evolve.