A Home for Blizzard

Just one wish... a home Blizzard is simply one of the sweetest gals you will ever meet. She is a little shy at first but soon warms up to a gentle touch and the promise of cookies. She loves the outdoors and is an expert at zoomies. This girl will have you smiling in no [...]

Just one wish… a Home

Meet Barry. This sassy little man is a little worried... he's not sure he's made Santa's "good" list this year. This young, bouncy, energetic pup has been with Winnipeg Animal Services since he was a wee one, found on the streets, lost and alone. It's not been easy, a kennel environment can be tough on [...]

Barry Needs A Home

Barry came to Winnipeg Animal Services as a scared and sad little fellow. At that time he was about 4 months old. Almost 3 months later Barry is still waiting and hoping to find his forever family. This little pup is growing up in a shelter. He needs out. He needs to play. He needs [...]

Hi, Loki Here!

... and I am so happy to meet you. Please, lift the latch, open this pen, let me out and we can PLAY! I know I seem hyper in my kennel and I have heard them say I don't give a good first impression (not exactly sure what that is, but it seems to be [...]